Dashboard Integration

This project centered on enhancing the Notion project management platform for a healthcare-tech enterprise. Focused on stakeholders in service leadership, the objective was to introduce a comprehensive dashboard solution addressing their unique workflow challenges. The challenge my client faced was obtaining a comprehensive overview of information stored in Notion databases, primarily due to the platform's lack of native data visualization support. My work successfully drove the integration of a customized Notion dashboard, powered by a researched plug-in, significantly improved data visualization. This enhancement streamlined workflows for stakeholders, providing efficient access to critical information.

Natural Mental Health

Natural Mental Health (NMH) is a start-up dedicated to providing conventional therapies and mind-body skills through an online platform to help users build resilience. Through the Fung Fellowship, they recruited my team and me to tackle the problem of evaluating the most engaging and effective elements to optimize user engagement with their online platform resources. Through various iterations of the design process, we narrowed our work to increase user engagement through the restructuring of NMH resources and redesign of their web interface.

Stanford Health ++: ERA

Stanford Health ++ is a health hackathon that hosts over 450 engineers, designers, business experts, and healthcare professionals from all over the world to innovate in the space of healthcare. My team modeled a phone-based system to address social isolation in older women and was awarded $1000 to continue working on our design while receiving mentorship from Noora Health and Stanford Emergency Medicine International.


Caremerge is revolutionizing the senior living experience by integrating technology across diverse digital platforms. Our team was recruited to investigate the viability of innovative smart assistant skills aimed at improving the care provided to older adults in senior homes. Our deliverable included a rendering of the user interface for the prototyped smart assistant skill designed for the Amazon Alexa platform.